In this site you will be able to download the customized version of the Perinatal Information System for The Bahamas: SIP_Bahamas

Downloading and installing the software is a simple process but we recommend you to have a printed copy of the installation guide. Download the guide from the following link: SIP_Bahamas Guide

Please, before starting the process verify that the Windows 7 version (or beyond) is installed in your computer. If you have a previous version of Windows 7, you may need to install the additional software of the following link: setuppad.exe 

Download the Perinatal Information System from the following link: SIP_Bahamas

Once it has completely downloaded, open de "Setup_Bahamas.exe" extension and proceed to next steps include in the guide.  

Please note: If you are a SIP user, remember to back up the information periodically before installing the program.

Thank you for visiting us an using the Perinatal Information System